Tilly's American Travelers Resort - Tilly's Map

  • Directions to RV Resort and Tilly's Bar & Grill - GPS Coordinates -92.53434 44.15344

    Warning:  Most Garmin and other GPS units will not find this street address because of recent road upgrades in the area. The above GPS Coordinates are correct.

    Step A:  Northbound from Rochester on highway 52, take exit 64 (100th St/CR12) on your right. At the top of the off-ramp turn left on county road 12 heading west.

    Step B:  Left (W) on 100th St ,.04 mile to 3rd AVE SW, right (N) .5 mile on 3rd Ave SW to 12th Ave SW .02 mile to Lake Shady Ave S, left (N) .1 mile to park on left.

    Step C:  Southbound on US 52, take exit 64 (100th St/CR12) on your right and turn right at the top of the ramp then follow the above directions starting at Step B.

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